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City: London

Last name initial: B C E G H K L M T

Dr. Alison Browne
Research Fellow, Sustainable Consumption Institute and Lecturer in Geography
School: Sustainable Consumption Institute School Website
Research Keywords: Water, Everyday practice
Specialist Cities: London, Beijing

Prof. Bridget Byrne
Professor of Sociology
School: Social Sciences School Website
Research Keywords: Citizenship, Class, Race
Specialist Cities: London, Manchester

Dr. Jeremy Carter
Research Fellow
School: School of Environment, Education and Development School Website
Research Keywords: Adaptation, Climate change, Planning
Specialist Cities: Manchester, London

Dr. Gillian Evans
Lecturer in Social Anthropology
School: Social Sciences School Website
Research Keywords: Class, Education, Regeneration
Specialist Cities: London

Prof. Nuno Gil
Research Director, Centre for Infrastructure Development
School: Alliance Manchester Business School School Website
Research Keywords: Design, Collective action, Commons
Specialist Cities: Manchester, London

Dr Tom Gillespie
Lecturer in International Development
School: School of Environment, Education and Development School Website
Research Keywords: Inequality, Urban development, Housing
Specialist Cities: Accra, London

Prof. Graham Haughton
Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning
School: School of Environment, Education and Development School Website
Research Keywords: Economic development, Urban environments, Political economy
Specialist Cities: London, Manchester, Sydney

Dr. Mike Hodson
Research Fellow (SCI and MIOIR)
School: Alliance Manchester Business School School Website
Research Keywords: Governance, Transition
Specialist Cities: Manchester, London

Prof. Maria Kaika
Professor of Human Geography
School: School of Environment, Education and Development School Website
Research Keywords: Culture, Architecture, Land financialisation
Specialist Cities: London, Athens, Milan

Prof. Adam Leaver
Professor of Financialization and Management
School: Alliance Manchester Business School School Website
Research Keywords: Economy, Regeneration, Regional Inequalities
Specialist Cities: Manchester, London, Liverpool

Prof. Ruth Lupton
Professor of Education and Head of Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit
School: School of Environment, Education and Development School Website
Research Keywords: Education, Spatial inequalities
Specialist Cities: London, Manchester

Dr Ian Mell
Lecturer in Environmental and Landscape Planning
School: School of Environment, Education and Development School Website
Research Keywords: Green infrastructure, Landscape planning, Environmental policy
Specialist Cities: Liverpool, London

Dr. Angela Torresan
Lecturer in Visual Anthropology, Social Anthropology
School: Social Sciences School Website
Research Keywords: Migration, Gentrification, Favela studies
Specialist Cities: Lisbon, London, Rio de Janeiro

Research Keyword:

Accent, Accountability, Activist citizenship, Adaptation, African urbanism, Age-friendly cities, Ageing, Architectural anthropology, Architectural drawing, Architectural ethnography, Architecture, Art, Aspiration, Atmosphere, Austerity, Biodiversity, Brownfield land, Brownfield regeneration, Buildings, Business, Citizenship, Civic engagement, Class, Climate change, Climate change adaptation, Climate governance, Coexistence, Cohesion, Co-housing, Collective action, Colonialism, Commons, Community, Comparative urbanism, Complexity, Conflict, Construction, Consumption, Controversy studies, Co-production, Cosmopolitanism, Council housing, Creative industries, Creativity, Crime, Crime prevention, Criminal trespass, Crisis, Cults, Cultural industries, Cultural intermediation, Cultural management, Cultural participation, Cultural policy, Cultural political economy, Culture, Decay, Decision support, Deindustrialisation, Democracy, Democratisation, Design, Design guidance, Development, Development and labour, Developmentalism, Diaspora, Distributed multi-generation, East Mediterranean, Eco-cities, Economic development, Economic performance, Economy, Ecosystem services, Education, Employment, Endurance, Energy, Energy Infrastructure, Energy systems, Environment, Environmental gerontology, Environmental governance, Environmental policy, Ethics, Ethnicity, Ethnography, Everyday Life, Everyday participation, Everyday practice, Export of architectural labour, Fairgrounds, Favela studies, Film and Media, Finance, Food insecurity, Gender, Gentrification, Geography of crime, Germany, GIS, Global modernism, Global production networks, Global urbanisation, Governance, Governmentality, Green infrastructure, Haunting, Health, Healthy urban planning, Heritage, Heterotopia, High-speed rail, Hip-hop culture, Historic environment, History, Housing, Human-animal relations, ICT, Identity, 'illegal' settlements, Inclusion, Incrementalism, Inequality, Informality, Infrastructure, Innovation, Integrated energy system, Integration, Internal migration, Knowledge transfer in urbanism, Labour, Land, Land financialisation, Land Law, Landscape planning, Languages, Linguistics, Low-income housing, Materiality, Measurements, Medieval, Memory, Migration, Mitigation, Mobilities, Modelling, Modernism, Multiculturalism, Multilingualism, Municipal finance, Nationhood, Neighbourhood/community change, Neighbourhoods, Networks, Older people, Oxidation, Panegyric, Participation, Partnership, Performance, Place Marketing, Places as brands, Planning, Policy, Political economy, Political space, Politics, Politics and environment, Politics of design, Pollinators, Poverty, Power, Precarity, Premodern, Professional services, Property, Quantitative methods, Race, Real estate, Redevelopment, Refugees, Regeneration, Regional Inequalities, Regional spatial structure, Religion, Reputation, Resilience, Rural-urban relationships, Science and technology, Security, Sexuality, Slavery, Smart cities, Smart energy infrastructure, Social class, Social cohesion, Social demography, Social exclusion, Social movements, Social value, Southern urbanism, Spatial divisions of labour, Spatial econometrics, Spatial inequalities, Spatial planning, Special economic zones, Sport, Squatting, Street art, Substance misuse, Superdiversity, Sustainability, Techno-economics, Technology, Temporary use, The ideal city, Trade, Transition, Transport, Transportation noise, Urban and regional planning, Urban bee-keeping, Urban borderlands, Urban complexity, Urban crisis, Urban data, Urban design, Urban development, Urban ecology, Urban economics, Urban environments, Urban food, Urban health, Urban heat island, Urban housing economics, Urban informatics, Urban infrastructure, Urban innovation, Urban marketplaces, Urban political ecology, Urban politics, Urban poverty, Urban refugees, Urban resilience, Urban retailing, Urban riverside, Urban social nature, Urban sociology, Urban studies, Urban transformations, US race politics, Violence, Visual cultures, Visualisation, Vulnerability, Water, Ways of knowing, Young adulthood, Youth

Specialist City:

Aberdeen, Accra, Addis Ababa, Alexandria, Amsterdam, Ankara, Antigua, Arusha, Asmara, Athens, Atlanta, Austin, Baghdad, Bangladesh, Barcelona, Bari, Beijing, Beirut, Belfast, Belgrade, Berlin, Birmingham, Bishkek, Bogota, Boston, Bradford, Brasilia, Bristol, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Burnley, Busan, Cairo, Cali, Canberra, Cape Town, Cardiff, Carlisle, Cartagena, Charleston, Chicago, Chittagong, Cochabamba, Copenhagen, Cork, Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Dhaka, Doncaster, Dortmund/Ruhr, Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, El Paso, Estelí, European cities, Fez, Florence, Fukuoka, Gdansk, Gdansk, Genoa, Glasgow, Guayaquil, Hamburg, Havana, Helsinki, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Juarez, Kampala, Karachi, Khulna, Kingston, Kuwait City, Lagos, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Leipzig, Lexington, Lima, Lisbon, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Lusaka, Macclesfield, Madrid, Malaga, Managua, Manchester, Manila, Masdar, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, Milwaukee, Mombasa, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Mytilene, Nanjing, Nanjing, New Orleans, New York, Newcastle, North Korean SEZs, Norwich, Nottingham, Nuremberg, Oporto, Osh, Palermo, Paris, Patna, Philippi, Pistoia, Pompeii, Poznan, Prague, Preston, Puducherry, Queretaro, Quito, Raleigh-Durham, Richmond, Rio de Janeiro, Rockford, Rome, Rosario, São Paulo, Salerno, San Francisco, San Jose, Costa Rica, Seattle, Seoul, Seville, Shanghai, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Singapore, Skopje, Sofia, Sozhou, St. John's, Stevenage, Stockholm, Stocksbridge, Stoke-on-Trent, Stralsund, Stuttgart, Sydney, Taipei, Tangiers, Tegucigalpa, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Tokyo, Tunis, Turin, Urban Mexico, Vancouver, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Windhoek, Wuhan, Xalapa, Youngstown


Alliance Manchester Business School, Arts, Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Life Sciences, Global Development Institute, Institute of Population Health, Law, Manchester Urban Institute, Office for Social Responsibility, University of Manchester, School of Earth, Atmospheric, and Environmental Science, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Environment, Education and Development, School of Materials, School of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Civil Engineering, Social Sciences, Sustainable Consumption Institute